Beezid Scam: can you lose money on beezid?


One of the most well-known penny auction website is Beezid on the Internet. You have mostly heard of them from one of their Tv advertisements.



This website is founded in 2009, and it is one of the most experienced penny auction sites around the internet. Yes, there is a chance that you can lose money on Beezid, but that does not mean beezid scam.

Beezid is a whole new fun and thrilling way to get the absolute best deals out there. It offers a thrilling spin on auction shopping by offering Reveal auctions, Cherry auctions and our exclusive Penny auctions where the best strategy gets the best bid. Beezid’s software allows there member to take advantage of getting the best discounts again and again by using great incentives and bonuses. It is also a great tool for you to make money.

This is a new type of competitive game called money auctions and you can make money by selling bid-packs, NOT on the ending auction price.

If you go to the home page of you will see rows upon rows of the highest quality merchandise on auction for dollars. On first glance it looks like beezid scam. It appears that something must be up because there is no way they can sell iPads for $5 bucks. It looks like Beezid is not legit, however Beezid has a good reputation in the business as a leading fair, trustworthy and legit penny auction site.

If you are not able to understand the process that how auction sites like beezid work. This information will guide you on how penny auctions work and why some people feel scammed when they really did not understand what they were getting into before signing up and bidding. We feel that beezid is a bid penny auction and not a scam penny auction.

Beezid Promo Codes and Beezid Current promotions:

Beezid currently has Special promotion codes through which you can win items and get back the bids used to win those items. The promotion runs between 5 and 8 in the morning, from Mondays to Fridays.

beezid scam

beezid scam

The site also gives incentives and bonus that inspires users to invite their friends to join the site. If any member invite and invitation is accepted by other people then beezid gives reward for this “a set of free bids”.as we know that it is a competitive game where you can win or lose this game. But it does not satisfy this question that “is beezid scam?”

You can use unique winning styles and strategies to give yourself better chances to win including the psychosomatic aspect of this game, which is very similar to poker.

This all information help you to understand that beezid is a website where you can bid to get super cheap deal for buying an electronic product. If you able to plan a good and unique strategy then you can buy 50$ product in 0.05$. But if you lose the game then you may lose little amount of money.


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